Lowline Cattle

History of the Breed
Lowline cattle were developed from the Angus herd that was established in 1929 at the Trangie Agricultural Research Centre in Australia. The scientific trial that created the Lowline breed began in 1974. For additional information about the history of the breed, visit History of the Lowline Breed at the American Lowline Registry website or navigate to the History page at the Australian Lowline Cattle Association website.

Our Herd
Our foundation Lowline Cattle are 1st and 2nd generation from the Trangie Australian Lowline Cattle. Our fullblood breeding stock of Lowline Cattle consists of two bulls and five cows. We maintain a small number of animals, focusing on developing quality breeding stock, and occasionally have fullblood stock for sale.

Why Lowline?
For Sale

Why Lowline?

Breeding Stock Investment Opportunity

Fullblood Lowline cattle have diverse attributes that apply to a number of niche markets. The breed continues to expand as Fullbloods gain recognition for their strong attributes.

Lowlines are ideal for:

  • Seedstock breeders
  • Grass-fed beef
  • Small acreage weed and brush control
  • A strong cross with other beef breeds to improve carcass quality

Docile and Easy to Handle

Lowline cattle are easy to handle, being smaller and more docile than most beef cattle breeds. Although Lowlines provide cuts of meat with sufficient serving sizes, Lowlines offer an opportunity for novice breeders to experience the care and handling of cattle.

Ideal Size Cuts of Beef

Many cuts of beef from standard size cattle provide more than enough to eat at one sitting. Smaller Lowline carcasses produce smaller cuts, however the loin eye of a Lowline is 70% larger per pound than that of a standard Angus.

Ability to Mature on Grass Alone

Lowlines will thrive on pasture or hay and do not need grain to reach full maturity.
In the current movement to grass-fed beef, raising Lowlines creates an ideal fit to the market. Grass fed Lowline beef is delicious, tender and flavorful.


Grass-fed beef may be healthier than grain fed beef

  • More health promoting vitamin E and beta carotene
  • More omega-3 fatty acids (considered a good fat). Omega 3 originates in the green leaves of plants and algae.
  • Three to five times more CLA. In early research studies CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) looks to be one of the most potent cancer fighters.
  • Less total fat and calories.
  • Decreased risk of E. coli bacteria. Grain feeding makes a cow’s digestive tract more acidic. This acidic environment speeds the growth of E. coli bacteria.

Small Farm Friendly

Lowlines are easy on fences and facilities and are easy to manage. If you have small acreage, Lowlines are ideal since you can put more per acre than full size cattle.

Other Advantages of the Lowline Breed

  • Feed efficiency
  • Naturally polled so they have no horns
  • No dwarfism
  • Calving ease
  • Excellent mothering ability

For Sale

All animals for sale are registered fullblood.

Lowline bulls for sale: (updated 3/17/2012)

Lorenzo DOB 5/4/09
003W in the bull pen
$1500 registered
$1000 unregistered
Dozer DOB 3/21/11
in back pasture, probably ready to breed
$1500 registered
$600 to grow out
Duke DOB 8/2/11
in back pasture, just ready to wean
$1000 registered
$450 to grow out


Our Foundation Bull – Hawkhill Douglas
DOB: October 12, 2002
Sire: Bell Brae Boris (Australian Registry)
Dam: Millaroo Dharma (Australian Registry)

Our First Bull Calf- Checkered Past Louie
DOB: October 15, 2006 SOLD
Sire: Hawkhill Douglas (Australian Registry)
Dam: Millaroo Blyth (Australian Registry)

Checkered Past Dewey

DOB: May 31, 2008
Sire: Hawkhill Douglas (Australian Registry)
Dam: Checkered Past Belle
BW: 51 Lbs

Checkered Past Huey

DOB: April 11, 2009
Sire: Checkered Past Louie
Dam: Checkered Past Belle
BW: 48 Lbs

CLR King Clement

DOB: March 28, 2008
Sire: MCC Lo Beau
Dam: JE Darlin’ Clementine


Millaroo Fleur (Australian/US Registry)

DOB: January 22, 1998
Sire: Trangie M460 (Australian Registry)
Dam: Trangie M285 (Australian Registry)

Millaroo Blythe (Australian/US Registry)

DOB: August 27, 1997
Sire: Trangie N087 (Australian Registry)
Dam: Trangie J179 (Australian Registry)


Checkered Past Belle (US Registry) – Our First Heifer Calf

DOB: October 1, 2005
Sire: Hawkhill Dominique (US Registry)
Dam: Millaroo Blythe (US Registry)

Checkered Past Daisy (US Registry) SOLD

DOB: February 28, 2006
Sire: Hawkhill Douglas (US Registry)
Dam: Millaroo Fleur (US Registry)

Checkered Past Bree (US Registry)

DOB: June 16, 2008
Sire: Checkered Past Louie
Dam: Millaroo Blythe
BW: 45 Lbs

Checkered Past Petunia (US Registry)

DOB: May 1, 2008
Sire: Hawkhill Douglas (US Registry)
Dam: Millaroo Fleur (US Registry)
BW: 48 Lbs


American Lowline Registry (ALR)
Australian Lowline Cattle Association (ALCA)